REDUCED Reusable Face Mask - old design

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What are these?

Washable, fitted face coverings, available in two sizes (adult and child**).  

you will receive a random selection of prints.

What they are made from?

Cotton outer, organic double cloth cotton inner (next to face) and elastic. 

How to care for them...

Masks should be washed after every use. These coverings can be laundered but they are not suitable for tumble drying

Size Guide...

Adult - will fit most adults and age 12+

Child - designed to fit younger children under the age of 12. Not suitable for very young children.

**Elastic colour may vary (either black, white, or natural)

**Elastic designed to go over the head but can be cut and tied to create over the ear design**

We recommend replacing hygiene products regularly.
These masks come in a variety of colours and patterns. The pattern you receive may differ slightly from that pictured in terms of pattern placement or direction.
**Masks must not be worn during sleep. Risk of suffocation. Children must be supervised at all times whilst wearing masks. Not suitable for children under 3. Wear only in line with govt advice!


PLEASE NOTE - these are not N95 compliant and are not for medical use. These masks are for home use only and should be used in line with the guidance from World Health Organisation or your countries own health guidelines.