ORIGIN limited edition - None Sponge

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We're so happy to announce that Tabitha Eve has collaborated with Origin..

We've used some of their beautiful Organic Cotton fabrics that were hand woven and dyed in Africa to create some new products! 50% of the profits made from each product are going back to Origin and into their projects. 

Our None Sponges are plastic free alternatives to disposable dish sponges, made from just cotton & bamboo. 

Each sponge is approximately 14cm x 9cm and comes in a pack of two. Wring it out after use and leave it to dry. Clean in the washing machine with your regular load and finish by air drying. It is fully compostable, when you feel it's come to the end of its life just cut up (carefully please!) and add to your compost heap. 

Origin are committed to creating ethical garments, which means they strive to be kind to people, planet and the projects they work on.  

Check them out here: www.originafrica.co.uk