Organic Bamboo & Cotton Make Up Pads *imperfect*
Organic Bamboo & Cotton Make Up Pads *imperfect*
Organic Bamboo & Cotton Make Up Pads *imperfect*
Organic Bamboo & Cotton Make Up Pads *imperfect*
Organic Bamboo & Cotton Make Up Pads *imperfect*

Organic Bamboo & Cotton Make Up Pads *imperfect*

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What is a Reusable Make Up Pad?
Our beautiful make up pads are biodegradable, plastic free and beautiful alternatives to disposable cotton versions.

Why should you make the switch?
Cotton is a crop that is very heavy in terms of water consumption, and often pesticide use etc. It makes no sense to then just throw the end product away after one use!

No more wasteful disposal of single use cotton products, your beauty regime will be even more beautiful, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, they are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and you can use with all your normal products.

What are they made from?
Cotton and Organic Bamboo... that's it.

How do you clean them?

Rinse immediately after use in cold water. Launder with normal load and air dry. Do not tumble dry. Some shrinkage is normal as we do not prewash our fabrics. 

 Your Make Up Pads should last you very well if cared for properly but should you ever feel like it's ready for the bin, fear not! It is fully compostable, just cut up (carefully) and add to your compost heap.


Each pad is approx 3" square.


Why is it an Imperfect Product?

*due to nature of the product we cannot guarantee a pattern is available so you will receive a random mix*

We are a team of humans. We make human type mistakes. We also believe in not throwing anything away that is ultimately useable but might not be the perfect product so we've listed them here at a heavy discount so you can take full advantage of our products that aren't quite perfect.

We may have slipped up that day, they may the the "wrong" size or made from a different fabric, one of our team may have been practising making something new or perhaps we cut the fabric the wrong size or the stitching isn't quite right.

All our seconds are totally usable, they just aren't as pretty or uniform as we'd like.