*Imperfect* Plastic Free Hair Ties

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What are these?

Set of 8 plastic free hair ties.  

What are they made from?

Made from cotton & natural rubber with a nickel clasp. 

Why are they fabulous?

Plastic free, biodegradable and hand made! No need to worry anymore about where those mislaid hair bobbles end up!

Why are these imperfect?

These are just slightly too big or too small to fit on our packaging neatly. 

Why is it an Imperfect Product?

We are a team of humans. We make human type mistakes. We also believe in not throwing anything away that is ultimately useable but might not be the perfect product so we've listed them here at a heavy discount so you can take full advantage of our products that aren't quite perfect.

We may have slipped up that day, they may the the "wrong" size or made from a different fabric, one of our team may have been practising making something new or perhaps we cut the fabric the wrong size or the stitching isn't quite right.

All our seconds are totally usable, they just aren't as pretty or uniform as we'd like.