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Zero Waste Cleaning Set

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Everything you need to start cleaning in an eco conscious way! 



Reusable Kitchen None Sponge

**BRAND NEW DESIGN** with expanding plant based core for super quick drying

Multipurpose bamboo and cotton Cloth 

 naturally antibacterial scrubby bamboo one side and smooth organic cotton with a beautiful print the other.




What are these None Sponges?

The None Sponge is an earth friendly, reusable, plastic free alternative to a disposable dish sponge! 

Each sponge is 15cm x 10.5cm approx

What are they made from?

Organic cotton outer

compressed, plant-based cellulose core that expands in water. 

Why are they fabulous?

100% plastic free


Compressed for a lower carbon footprint

machine washable 

fast drying

100% plant based

Ethically made in the UK

They make the washing up routine beautiful and more bearable without adding to the worlds plastic pollution problem.

How to care for them...

Soak in water briefly and allow to expand before each use.

Your None Sponge washing up pad is a super user at zero waste kitchen cleaning.

It will dry quickly and last longer if you rinse and wring out after use and leave it to dry. When you feel it's ready for a wash just throw it in the laundry with your regular load. Air dry to save energy but it will survive the tumble dryer.

When your sponge reaches the end of its life in the kitchen, why not use it to clean your car or for those mucky outside jobs you don't want to use kitchen cloths for, when it really can't be used any longer, it can be composted. We recommend chopping (carefully) into smaller pieces and mixing in with your compost.