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Cutlery Roll

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What are these?

Reusable Cutlery Roll

A roll to store items on the move.. mainly to avoid single use plastics.  Straw, cleaner, and napkin are optional extras. 

Perfect for an eco-friendly, plastic-free, zero-waste lifestyle on the go!

NEW, larger design featuring additional cotton strap to hold your cutlery in place

What they are made from?

Made entirely from cotton with 100% organic cotton liner.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Ethically handmade in the UK

Why are they fabulous?

Can be used to store cutlery, make-up brushes, crochet hooks and whatever else you desire!  Environmentally friendly, plastic free, beautiful and convenient! 


Supplied empty for you to fill with your own or you can add:

- napkin

- bamboo straw & cleaner


*the colour you receive may be different from that pictured

** Please note cutlery is not included