So do you actually care?

Yes. We really do. 

As a company we aim to strike a balance between sourcing the most ethically produced raw materials and providing excellent quality items that are made to last. We are moving more towards organic materials wherever possible. We always request that our raw materials are delivered to us in as little plastic as possible and we have an inclusive and fair policy within the business.

We recycle and reuse as much of our studio waste as possible with a lot of our scraps going to local schools, playgroups, and a company that makes worry monsters... 1906 Monsters - check them out, they're really cute!

Are your products recyclable?

Yes! Our products are made to last but when the time eventually comes, all of our home and beauty products are 100% recyclable, or compostable. Currently we are looking for an alternative to the elastic we use in our bowl covers to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible whilst maintaining as long a lifetime as possible on the products.

How long will my product last?

This one varies product to product and depends on how you treat it. The sponges should last at least 6 months with regular use, if you are consistently using them on something abrasive (like a cheese grater) then expect the life time to be a lot less.

Our make up pads, produce bags have been going for years and are still going strong!

Do you make your products?

Absolutely. Each of our products is handmade in our Studio in South Wales