NEW Bamboo Dish Brush

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What are they?

NEW Bamboo Washing Up Brush with replaceable heads

An eco-friendly, plastic-free, reusable bamboo dish brush to replace disposable sponges and scourers.  

It also works great as a firm, vegetable brush.

Perfect for anyone aspiring to a zero-waste lifestyle. The heads are replaceable so when the brush head starts to look little too grubby, pop on a new head and pop the old one in the compost bin.

An eco-friendly kitchen must-have! The perfect beginners zero-waste swap.

Shop replacement heads HERE>>

What are they made from?

Bamboo, Sisal Bristles and Stainless Steel

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Ethically sourced from outside the UK

How to care for them:

Allow to dry out between uses and never leave in the water over long periods of time (overnight in a washing up bowl, for example).

If you store them upright in a pot or jug, make sure the end of the brush isn't sitting in water.