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Reusable Menstrual Pad

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What are these?

Reusable, washable, cloth menstrual pads

What are they made from?

Made from organic cotton, hemp & bamboo

These are now made with metal stud presses so your pad can be 100% plastic free.

Short: 9" / 22.5cm

Medium: 10.5" / 26.5cm

Long 12.5" / 31.5cm

available in a variety of sizes and absorbency from light to heavy* flow 

(*heavy flow are lined with PUL - a breathable waterproof fabric that is not plastic free)


How to care for them..

Washing cloth pads isn't gross. For gently used pads, rinse and put them in with your regular laundry load. For heavily soaked pads, or to avoid staining, pre rinse in cold water (never hot) to wash out as much blood as possible then add to laundry. It is always best to not allow your pad to dry out before washing to minimise staining.

These are also suitable as incontinence pads.

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