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10 tips for zero waste plant lovers

It might be the end of growing season but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared for the next! Here's some tips to kick start a sustainable plant hobby.

 1. You don't need pots to get started

You already have a gazillion things around your home that you can use around your home to get seedlings started or to give a home to that cutting - instead of those plastic cups you've hoarded at the back of your cupboard from that party you had years ago going to landfill why not give them another use?


2. Got an old pair of boots or wellies? Use them!

 Your trusty old pair of wellington boots have served you well, they are beyond repair and leave you squelching on your countryside yomps - why not repurpose them as planters?


3. Use toilet rolls to grow or rehome shop bought herbs

Often store bought live herbs are actually multiple plants that you can prolong the life of by splitting out, looking after and harvesting as and when needed (or let them go to seed for next years seed batch)


herbs in toilet roll


4. Learn how to propogate for FREE plants!

Often gaze adoringly at your friends spider plant or that fab succulent? Most plants can be successfully propagated (grown from a cutting / offshoot instead of seed). Propogated plants often grow much quicker than seedlings and are quicker to flower. Also - you'll have a whole new plant for FREE! win, win!

Propogated spider plant


5. Gift your plant babies

People love plants - they are proven to improve the air quality in your home and are proven to be beneficial for mental health. Propagated too many plant babies? give them to friends and family! The perfect zero waste present.

hand holding baby succulent plants


6. Repot your houseplants.

Trust me on this one - you'll end up with healthier, happier plants and you'll also have lots of free, smaller pots left over to pop your acquired plant babies in - bonus! If you don't have larger pots - ask on your local freebie/swap group!

Do this in the Spring at the start of the growing season.

woman repotting Christmas cactus


7. Use your grey water.

I have a condenser tumble dryer that I use when I can't line dry clothes, I stick a bucket in the shower with me. The water from this is called grey water and it's totally fine to use on your plants. I also put a jug in the sink to collect the cooling water whilst running the cold tap for a drink before putting my glass under the tap.

As a general rule of thumb, in growing season water your house plants weekly, succulents every 3-4 weeks and garden daily. In colder months cut your indoor plant care in half and you can pretty much ignore the garden (in the UK anyway).


8. Dead plants can be beautiful too.

I have a bunch of dried grasses and lavender in my house that we used as wedding decor over 5 years ago - it still looks pretty good but when it finally disintegrates I'll pick and dry more for a zero waste arrangement.

dried grass decor


9. Grow what you like.

Because quite frankly... what's the point otherwise? We grow a lot of berries because they are super difficult to get out of packaging and this year had a bumper crop of blueberries and raspberries, both of which come back year after year!

handful of blueberries


10. Buy local.

If plants are your hobby then buying at some point is inevitable. To be as sustainable as possible always try to buy pots that are made locally by a small business or support your local garden centre or farmers market where you can. Pictured below are our ECO-TWIST 100% cotton plant pots

 Debbie Rees is the founder and director of Tabitha Eve. To view more of our gorgeous range of eco-friendly products, click here!