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How to plan a more eco-friendly wedding...

After the excitement of a proposal and the flurry of wedding planning begins, sustainability is unlikely to be the first thing that comes to mind. However, weddings actually produce a huge amount of waste and can have a significant impact on the environment. So, if you’re an eco-conscious bride or groom, you may want to lessen the impact of the happiest day of your life. Here are some tips on how to have a greener celebration...

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Invitations are the first impression you give your guests, so start as you mean to go on and add a sustainable touch. From recycled materials to seeded paper that can be planted after the big day, there are lots of eco-friendly options for printed invites.

Alternatively, go paperless. Digital invitations are simply emailed to guests, meaning they don’t require manufacturing or produce waste like physical invitations do. Plus, there are plenty of websites you can use to design or choose gorgeous digital invites that are easy on the eyes and the planet.


Whether you wear a dress, a suit, a kilt or something even more unique, your wedding clothes will be one of the most photographed outfits of your life. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be new. A great way to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding is to opt for a second-hand outfit. As well as physical second-hand boutiques, there are many online sites that specialise in pre-loved attire. You could even go one step further and rent clothes for you and your wedding party. Suit hire is very common and high-end fashion rental is growing in popularity, so you’re very likely to find something both you and your party love – just make sure you choose a well-recommended site for wedding dress rental.

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Although extravagant table décor and beautiful bouquets are eye-catching additions to your day, flowers that get thrown away at the end are a huge source of waste. If you’re as in love with fresh flowers as you are with your soon-to-be spouse, then it’s recommended by sustainable guides to try and source local, in-season options.

Alternatively, dried flowers make beautiful arrangements that will last for months or even years after the day. Similarly, incorporating some live, potted plants into your table decorations will have less impact on the environment, plus they make great mementoes for you and your guests to take home.


Finally, consider the amount of food you’re supplying. One study found that 10% of wedding food is wasted. Although many guests don’t finish their main meal and many leave behind edible favours, one of the largest sources of waste is actually the wedding cake. Three tiers may look beautiful, but it is often far too much cake for the number of people there. Instead, opt for a real top tier on top of two fake, iced tiers. This means you can still enjoy the look of an extravagant wedding cake and cut it in front of your guests but you don’t end up with a mountain of leftover slices at the end of the night.

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Hopefully, you've now got a few ideas for how to make sure your celebration has a lasting impact on your memory, but not on the environment. Go ahead and tick "going greener" off your wedding to-do list and start on the next task. Make sure you take a look at our range of sustainable beauty products if you want to plan a more eco-friendly pre-wedding skincare routine, too.



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