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Is it possible to be a sustainable pet owner?

Owning a pet can produce a lot of waste (and that's not just from the pets!). The biggest pet problem, ecologically speaking, is pet food. According to WRAP, 1,263,000 tonnes of pet food is sold annually in the UK, producing over 75000 tonnes of primary packaging waste. Luckily, we have some tips to reduce your fur-babies carbon paw-print. 

First, food. They get through a lot of it, right? Buying in bulk can be a great start, as this will reduce the amount of packaging involved. Your pet's needs must never be compromised so be sure to do your research first, but it's worth knowing that chicken has a much lower carbon footprint than beef, for example. There are some great chicken based pet foods available. Also make sure that whatever meat is included has been sustainable sourced. 

Use biodegradable poo bags or eco-friendly cat litter. Simple. Check out The Green Poop Bag or Natusan

Stick to metal food bowls instead of plastic - Much kinder to the planet! 

Consider repairing, washing and re-stuffing toys, beds and pet coats instead of buying new ones. And always try to stay away from plastic toys if possible. There are lots of toys available made from natural materials!

Try to keep walks local as much as possible, instead of driving to exercise dogs. You could also try to combine any car trips for walks with another errand to make sure you're not getting in the care solely for the purpose of the walk.  

Use natural shampoos and cleaning products to avoid sending all those chemicals down the drain! 

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