Simple Swaps for a Plastic Free Bathroom

Here are just some of our top picks for a zero-waste, plastic-free, eco-friendly bathroom...

So many "essential" items seem to be either made of or packaged in plastic

So what can you swap?


Organic Cotton Shower Mitt



Tabitha Eve plastic free zero waste plant based organic cotton shower mitt



Free of plastic and 100% organic, our Shower Mitt is one of our absolute faves! They're super soft and lathers your soap beautifully. They also look super pretty hung in the shower or bath. These mitts can be used for face or body and offers gentle exfoliation, too. And when they've reached the end of their life just pop in the compost!


Dook Salt Soap Bars



Tabitha Eve eco friendly plastic free Dook of Edinburgh Salt Soap Bar


By far one of the easiest changes to make is to switch from shower gel or liquid soap packaged in plastic bottles to Bar Soap. We LOVE the salt soap bars from Dook of Edinburgh so much that we recently decided to stock them ourselves! Each bar is lovingly hand crafted in small batches using natural ingredients. Paraben free, palm oil free and vegan, every bar smells (and looks) amazing. The packaging is also utterly beautiful, biodegradable, and made in Scotland from 100% recycled coffee cups!


Organic Cotton Soap Saver Pouch


Tabitha Eve plastic free zero waste reusable organic cotton soap saver pouch

While it's much easier to avoid waste when using bar soaps, there are always the tiny scraps at the end that either crumble or are just too small to use. Our plastic free, organic cotton Soap Saver Pouches are just the thing to prevent them going to waste! Just  Put your soap scraps inside and use until they disappear! The fabric provides a good lather and prevents tiny bits of soap slipping out of your hands.


Beauty Kubes Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

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Tabitha Eve plastic free zero waste Beauty Kubes shampoo conditioner body wash

This one might take a bit of getting used to, but the work Beauty Kubes have done in removing all plastic from their zero waste range is fab. Their packaging is plastic free, too, and the machinery they use in Cornwall is powered by solar and wind energy! We have their Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner Kubes available in sample sizes for you to try! 


Organic Cotton Make Up Rounds


Tabitha Eve reusable plastic free zero waste eco friendly Organic Cotton Make up Rounds

Though there isn't usually any plastic in their disposable counterparts, more often than not the packaging for throw-away cotton pads is made of non-recyclable plastic, which is just one reason these reusable organic cotton rounds are a great swap to make! They last wash after wash, and are made using the scraps from our shower mitts! #zerowaste



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Tabitha Eve Zero Waste Plastic Free Eco Friendly Bathroom