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Nurdle - Tackling Microplastic Pollution

Earlier this month we discovered Nurdle, a British not-for-profit business that focusses on the removal of micro plastics from the environment. We were so impressed by their initiative and want to share it with you guys!

Nurdle have developed two machines that have so far collected over 30 million pieces of plastic from UK shores - down to the size of a single grain of sand. They’re now repurposing this plastic into sustainable phone cases, with the profits funding more ocean plastic cleanup - amazing, right?!

They’ve also started giving away free microplastic and nanoplastic samples (plus resources), collected on their beach cleans, to teachers and parents who want to teach their kids about a real world environmental problem.


Nurdle use two machines/tools for their collecting - the Trommel and the Basking Shark. Trommels are lightweight and modular, and can fit into a standard car. They’re easy to use, low-maintainence and available to local beach cleaning groups, or other individuals looking to clear up their beaches. Businesses can sponsor Trommels for their local area, too (branding options available). You’ll find more information here.


The Basking Shark is a bigger beast, tackling pellet spills, microplastic accumulation zones and strandline deposits. It can collect 0-40mm plastic pieces from terrains of sand, pebbles, grass and tarmac.


Not only have they embarked on this enormous and oh so important task, they also upcycle their micro plastics into stylish phonecases! The cases look amazing, protect your phone and clean up the ocean - triple win! Each case is unique and has the coordinates of where the plastic was collected engraved onto the back. The cases are made in the UK and all profits go towards further ocean plastic removal!!


We at Tabitha Eve think it’s so important to educate ourselves and younger generations about the implications of ocean plastic and microplastic, so we have committed to sponsoring 50 samples to be sent to schools or parents. Each sample comes in a cute little test tube with an infographic to ‘teach the teacher’ about ocean plastic and microplastics.

If you’re interested in getting hold of some of the smallest plastic in the Ocean, head to Nurdle's instagram or facebook page, or contact them via their website

Nurdle have set themselves future goals to release more products and fund more machines, more teams, and more research globally. Please tell others about this amazing resource and business, purchase a phone and spread the word!

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