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Is there such a thing as moving house sustainably?

Moving house and sustainability isn't a pairing you would immediately jump to, but it's definitely worth considering. Here are a few ways you can pull off a more sustainable move...

1. Before you move, try having a declutter to minimise the amount of belongs you have to move. You can donate to charities, sell and recycle where possible.

2. Buy second hand or pre-loved furniture for your new home, and if you need to buy, go for long-lasting and avoid cheap flatpack if your budget allows it. If you're on a tight budget, have a go at upcycling something that just needs a bit of TLC!

3. Research an eco-friendly removal company whose vans run using biodiesel or renewable energy to lower the carbon impact of your move.

4. Using or making eco-friendly cleaning products to clean both your old and new house. This will reduce the number of harmful chemicals entering the environment.

5. Choose an eco-friendly energy supplier for your new home.

6. Recycle boxes from supermarkets to pack your stuff or use a company you can rent boxes from and return when finished! 


If you're looking to make some changes as part of your house move, or see it as an opportunity to continue in your zero waste journey, you can see our full range of household products here

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